Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Woman marries in paper dress

A Chinese woman has got married in a wedding dress made entirely out of paper.

Sha Sha's dress was made for her by her best friend Zhu Zhu, a wedding dress designer, reports New Life Daily.

They have worked together at an advertising agency in Kunming, Yunnan province, for 12 years.

Zhu Zhu said: "When Sha Sha found her Mr Right I decided I would make her something very special.

"As a wedding dress designer I was a bit bored of making gowns out of fabric so I thought: 'Why not make a dress out of paper?' It took me two and a half months."

The dress is made entirely of cotton paper and decorated with silver lines, making it shine in the sunlight.

Sha Sha walked into the wedding venue, a local hotel, with six bridesmaids holding the long, paper lily flower-decorated tail for her.

"I felt very grand, and beautiful. It's super comfortable to wear," she said.

Her groom, Mr Li, agreed she looked beautiful: "We are very happy with the dress - but I daren't touch her in case I tear it," he added.


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