Friday, July 23, 2010

Sachoom - Korean Dancical

SachoomA short review of Sachoom or Love Dance is the abbreviation of "Dance When You are in Love" in Korean, a Korean Dancical.
Sachoom or Love Dance is the abbreviation of “Dance When You are in Love” in Korean, is a unusual non-verbal musical production about the story of three friends, Jun, Sun and Bin. It depicts their lives and their interactions, from the time they are babies all the way to their twenties. They take us through their life experiences through various genres of dance such as hip-hop, jazz, techno, break dance, pop dance, modern ballet, contemporary dance and much more. Although it is a non-verbal musical production, there are a few songs sang by the dancers. The entire story is expressed through dance movements that are vibrant and powerful, with no dialogue throughout the story... Read more>>

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Various Stages of Economic Integration

Mentions the various stages of economic integration and gives examples.
According to Carbaugh (2009), the process of eliminating restrictions on international trade, payments and factor mobility, is known as economic integration. The stages of economic integration can be categorized into the following stages...Read more>>

United States - International Balance of Payments

Explains the contradictory situation which the United States faces: enjoys being a net recipient of interest payments despite a large external debt.

Carbaugh (2009) mentions that during a recession, both saving and investment tend to fall within an affected country. Th United States was able to recover its economy rapidly by mortgaging part of its wealth to foreigners during its recession of the early 1980s: its political stability and relatively high interest rates attracted investors from other countries to invest their funds in the United States. These funds were more than what the United States residents invested abroad. However, after World War I (1987), the United States had, for the first time incurred $23 billion and become a debtor nation...Read more>>

International Borrowing vs. Direct Foreign Investment

Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of international borrowing, and compares these borrowings compared with direct foreign investment.

International Borrowing


International borrowing (Isgut 2001) is beneficial to (developing) countries: such finance can help speed up capital accumulation and encourage economic growth, allowing a smoother distribution of consumption expenses, making it possible to improve the living standard of citizens before the fruits of economic growth materialize. For example, prior to the Asian financial crisis, wealth created by export-led growth contributed to an investment boom in commercial/residential property, industrial assets and infrastructure. Thus, the construction industry flourished (i.e. more employment): much of this construction was financed via heavy borrowing from (foreign) banks, which were willing to lend as long as the value of property continued to rise (Hill, The Asian Financial Crisis)...Read more>>

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Has Society Become Controlled by Technology?

As advancement in technology makes a vast amount of improvement each year, it's hard not to wonder whether society is starting to become controlled by technology. The vast majority of people believe that society is slowly being controlled by technology, although there are some who may beg to differ as they believe that humans have full control over technology, and that technology is a tool used for our convenience. But the fact remains that as long as we are reliant on technology, no matter how much control we seem to have over it, we are slowly being controlled by it as it ebbs its way into our daily lives...Read more>>

Different Variations of The Uno Card Game

Here is a different variation of playing with UNO cards, it is called "Stress", is a pretty fast paced game and would consist of only two players at a time. All cards that do not consists of numbers like the "wild", "reverse" and "adding" cards, are removed from the stack; only numbers remain...Read More>>

Gimp - Free Image/photo Editing Tool

With the countless of available for photo editing, both free (e.g. etc...Picassa, VuePrint) and other wise, users are spoilt for choice. Although it is said that the best program out there is Photoshop, you have to pay for it, and it doesn't come to cheaply either. So unless you feel that investing in Photoshop in the course of your work is a worthwhile option, and you can afford it, you should get it. Otherwise, if you feel that it is not worth to spend that amount or money or cannot afford to purchase such a photo editing software, what are your options? Read More>>