Saturday, October 29, 2011

Price of Fame in The Korean Entertainment Industry: Is it worth it?

The Korean wave, particularly Kpop, seems to be unstopping transcending across language and continents, from Asia (Taiwan, China Singapore, Malaysia etc…) to Europe (Paris etc..). To produce artistes that are versatile, the Korean entertainment industry has developed a “fool-proof” way to nurture talent to become world-class performers. 

All Korean artistes require going through a training phase which consists of intense singing lessons, dance training, and language lessons amongst other lessons. Many of these artistes may remain as trainees until they officially debut. For example, Jokwon from the ballad group 2AM was a JYP trainee for 8 years before he debuted, while G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang have been with YG Entertainment since their pre-teen days. The training ensures that artistes that debut are strong in both their vocal and dancing skills. 

For those that survive and shine through the training and debut, they have to contend with others in a highly competitive and evolving industry; they either shine or fizzle out after their debut depending on their popularity.

However, despite the success, glitz and glamour, there is an interesting “dark” side to this formula. As it takes money and time investing in training potential artistes, entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment, have had issues with “slave contracts” where deemed unfair to the artiste (e.g. 13 year length and unfair distribution of album sale profits)...Read more>>

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Circle Contact Lenses Review Part I

After trying contact lenses for the first time a few months ago, I started to get interested in contact (circle) lenses that can enlarge the iris and give off the effect of enlarging the eyes. So off to the optometrist it was!

The optometrist gave me 2 trial lenses: FRESHLOOK® ILLUMINATE, and Acuvue Define Natural Style. Both are daily disposables.

FRESHLOOK® ILLUMINATE is touted to be designed for Asian eyes, giving them a natural look. Its starburst pattern blends the colored ring into the iris of the eyes to make eyes naturally bigger and more beautiful. In addition the special dual-layer technology make the lenses able to enhance all shades of Asian eyes, with the color of the lenses being able to interact with light to interact with the shade of the wearer's eye for a more natural look.  The lenses are made of 31% nelfilcon A, and 69% water. When I tried them on, they were not comfortable and I could literally feel the lenses in my eye for the duration I wore them. Wearing the lenses for more than 1 hour gave me a headache, with dizziness.

Next was the Acuvue Natural Style, it has a dark limbal ring with glittering gold shine for naturally sparking, luminous and beautiful eyes. Although the percentage of water it ... Read more>>

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thought of the day: Fear

Your fears and worries are only as big as you'll let them be.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pinoy 'Superman'

Yahoo News:
A combination photo shows Herbert Chavez before and after his cosmetic transformation to look more like the comic book character Superman in Calamba Laguna, south of Manila October 12, 2011. In his idolization of the superhero, Chavez, a self-professed "pageant trainer" who owns two costume stores, has undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries for his nose, cheeks, lips and chin down to his thighs and even his skin color to look more like the "Man of Steel". The final result bears little resemblance to his old self. The photo on the left was taken when Chavez was 16. REUTERS/Handout (L) and Cheryl Ravelo

Is it wrong to admire someone? No. But to admire someone or something to the extent that you want to become that person is plain pure scary. I can understand if you want to be like the person you admire, but to do so to the extent where you want to look like the person you admire means that something is not quite right. It might be due to some kind of complex or thought/belief that you can do more or life will be better if you look like the person you admire.

It is like in the race to look like, rather than be like, you lose your own self identity while on the way trying to find it. It is not how you look that would make any difference, but rather how you behave and the things you do that really matters in life.

Yes, you may be happy that you have achieved a level of similarity or status by looking like the person you admire. But happiness will only be temporary. The reality is you can never be that person, at most if all is well you look like that person, if something gets blotched you won't even look like yourself or the person your admire. You are unique and special in your own, so why change the impossible when you can change yourself from the inside out, where it really matters?

Looks after all will fade with time, that is what people call aging. So you either age gracefully, or otherwise.... Even with all the makeup or all the surgeries, as time goes by, there is no guarantee what will still hold up post surgery. The most important thing? Being happy with who you are, and even if you want to change outwardly or inwardly it should be the betterment of yourself not because of a fantasy. After all, no matter how much your outer appearance changes, if you are not happy, you will never be no matter what you do. Happiness not something that just happens, you make yourself happy because that way, life will go by easier. Don't you think?

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Throughout history, there has been, and still is an ongoing debate on whether leaders are born or made. It has been an age-old question that has been on the minds of many. So are leaders born or made? I believe that it takes both, more so of being born with certain qualities and nurturing those qualities that makes effective leaders, rather than just nurturing alone.

According to Gary Johns et al (2005) and Robbins, S et al. (2006), leadership, in an organizational context, is defined as the ability to exert influence on others to achieve (organizational) goals: leaders are people, who not only able to influence others towards (organizational) goals, but also have managerial authority. Furthermore, S.A Kirkpartrick and E.A Locke (1991) state that leaders are intelligent individuals who are initiative, energetic, ambitious, and willing to take on responsibility. Therefore, a (effective) leader is someone who is able to inspire (influence) others (e.g. taking charge or command), a figurehead whom others look up to, and is able to lead people towards certain goals.... Read more>>

Thought of the day: Maturity

Maturity has got nothing to do with age, but the right mentality towards experiences. After all the best lessons learnt are 'caught' not taught.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

* Wallace Huo as Li Ge Xiao
* Liu Shi Shi as Yan San Niang
* Ma Tian Yu as He Xiao Mei
* Shi Yan Neng as Chai Hu
* Edwin Siu as Ying Wu Qiu
* Hai Bo as Hai Rui

Also known as: The Vigilantes In Masks / Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei
Genre: Wuxia, adventure
Episodes: 30
Broadcast period: 2011

From DramaWiki


The previous adaptations of Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei include a 1994 HK film, a 2005 TVB series, and a 2008 SBC Korean. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei is a drama series based on folktales of a Robin-like hero during the Ming dynasty.

During a corrupt period in the Ming dynasty, Li Ge Xiao was once a high ranking Marshal with much authority in the army. Due to the schemes of a corrupt and influential official, Yan Song, Li Ge Xiao’s beloved wife, Ru Yi, was killed and he became a fugitive. Li Ge Xiao is a skilled martial artist and has the intelligence. However, his wife’s passing made him desolate, turning to alcohol to down his sorrows. He indulges in this lifestyle for a couple of years, until his ex-colleague, Ying Wu Qiu, seeks his help in retrieving the stolen gold for disaster relief from the corrupt high ranking official, Yan Song.

To help Wu Qiu, Li Ge Xiao gathers an ensemble of experts in the area of fighting (Chai Hu), disguises, hidden weapons and poison (He Xiao Mei), and Yan San Niang an expert thief who is quick-fingered, fast and light on her feet (she knows qinggong). Using the expertise of each...Read more>>

Episode Guide

Appshopper: App Review

Inspired from the website of the same name (, the app AppShopper from the Apple Store is one of those apps that you simply must have if you are obsessed with downloading apps, or if you just simply want to have a better deal when downloading (purchasing an app)! If you did not know already, the Apple Store is constantly having sales and promotions for apps. The AppShopper is a universal app; it is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The AppShopper is designed to show the apps on the Apple Store and helps you keep track (of the ones you are interested in) of any change in pricing. With this free app, you are able to find and track apps that you are interested in, and get notified when if there is a price change (sale, discount, price increase or free…. yes free). Sometimes developers offer the app for free, or a discounted price, in return for reviews. There are many categories and options to choose from, with the default option show everything...Read more>>