Sunday, October 23, 2011

Circle Contact Lenses Review Part I

After trying contact lenses for the first time a few months ago, I started to get interested in contact (circle) lenses that can enlarge the iris and give off the effect of enlarging the eyes. So off to the optometrist it was!

The optometrist gave me 2 trial lenses: FRESHLOOK® ILLUMINATE, and Acuvue Define Natural Style. Both are daily disposables.

FRESHLOOK® ILLUMINATE is touted to be designed for Asian eyes, giving them a natural look. Its starburst pattern blends the colored ring into the iris of the eyes to make eyes naturally bigger and more beautiful. In addition the special dual-layer technology make the lenses able to enhance all shades of Asian eyes, with the color of the lenses being able to interact with light to interact with the shade of the wearer's eye for a more natural look.  The lenses are made of 31% nelfilcon A, and 69% water. When I tried them on, they were not comfortable and I could literally feel the lenses in my eye for the duration I wore them. Wearing the lenses for more than 1 hour gave me a headache, with dizziness.

Next was the Acuvue Natural Style, it has a dark limbal ring with glittering gold shine for naturally sparking, luminous and beautiful eyes. Although the percentage of water it ... Read more>>

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