Sunday, April 29, 2012

Capella Singapore Sentosa Apr 2012 Overview

Capella Singapore
The Capella is a (5-star) hotel located on Sentosa and exudes discreet elegance and charm without being ostentatious. Catered towards both tourists and locals who want something near nature and away from the maddening crowds and bustle of the city. With 112 rooms spanning over a large property, you will not really experience the sometimes-noisy crowds at hotels. It is really a totally different experience and though you have to splurge a bit (or a lot depending on your budget), it is definitively worth the experience! Capella's architecture is a clever mix of traditional colonial building with an ultramodern semi-circle where the rooms are located.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier - HotelsCombined.comWith my birthday around the corner, I decided on another staycation after reading the reviews on Tripadvisor. Now I didn’t get the most expensive room, just the Garden Premier room with on average costs S$700++. Good thing I managed to find an offer that was about 10% cheaper. You can read more about my staycation experience here.

I must say that the Tripadvisor reviews were pretty accurate: the place was nice and the service was a little more than your usual 5-star hotel, and yes they even managed to remember my name during my short stay there. Getting to the Capella was a little more challenging than the Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa as it is located some distance away from the Imbiah station on the Sentosa Express. I should have just called to made transport arrangements, but lesson learnt. We ended up taking a taxi on Sentosa...Read more>>

Prata Wala (Tampines Mall)

Serving up North and South Indian delights, Prata Wala is not your average coffee shop or food court stall that serves Indian delights such as roti prata (pancake), naan and biryani (a rice dish cooked with spices). Instead, Prata Wala is located in shopping malls with branches in almost all corners of Singapore:

Jurong Point
#01-71/72/73/74 JP2
T. +65 6795 2530

nex@Serangoon Central
T. +65 6634 2910

Tiong Bahru Plaza
T. +65 6270 0113

Tampines Mall
T. +65 6789 1237

We happened to pass by the branch at Tampines Mall one evening and well, the smell was just too tempting! It has been ages since I last ate roti prata. Compared with other similar stores, the pratas are...Read more>>

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice

Scissors-Cut Curry Rice
Situated at the junction of Kitchener Road and Jalan Besar Road, lies Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice which serves up its version of Hainanese curry rice: rice dosed with (sticky and gooey) curry gravy. Why is it called scissors-cut curry rice? Well, that’s because they use a scissors to cut up the meat of your choice, served with other dishes (e.g. vegetables), place it on top of the rice and drizzle that unique curry gravy (made up of 3 sauces, one of which is dark soya sauce, I think).

Don’t bother reading future if you are not the adventurous sort. The final result is not that appealing visually (with its reddish and brownish hue), and the shop in which the stall resides is a little worn, and not well renovated (it might even be shabby by some standards). But it is worth a try if you are...Read more>>

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boat Asia 2012

Boat Asia

Boat Asia is Asia’s longest and largest running boat show, with a unique concept of integrating boating and lifestyle elements. The event offers networking opportunities for boating enthusiasts and businesses to showcase their products and services. It is also is packed with activities that will also cater to...Read more>>

Lunch at the Knolls (Capella Singapore Sentosa’s Mediterranean Restaurant)

The Knolls at Capella Singapore outdoor seating
The Knolls @ Capella Singapore
The Knolls is Capella Singapore’s Mediterranean restaurant, with friendly service and pleasant setting near the main infinity pool with a nice view of the sea. The Knolls not only serves up Mediterranean dishes but also offers local Singapore fair (e,g. Nasi Goreng, Lasksa etc…) as well. Reservation to the Knolls was a quick call to the service desk by dialing ‘0’ on the hotel room phone. Upon arriving at the Knolls, we decided to sit outdoors to enjoy the...Read more>>

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skiing in France

France is known for its beautiful slopes which are perfect for skiing. The Alps is the most famous chain of mountains, where ski stations and companies find most of their clients in winter. With good snow (which is powdery and normal - perfect for skiing), good tourists services, good weather and high : that is what the Alps offer. People say you can also ski in the Pyrénées mountains in the South of France, but most of the people go to the Alps.

La Plagne resort
La Plagne resort
Each year, I go regularly to ski either during the Christmas period or Easter Holidays. I usually go to the Alps in the ski station La Plagne. Many ski resorts have found their fame and possess their own kind of charm, attracting a different type of crowd. To name a few are Courchevel , Meribel, La Plagne, Tignes, Val d'Isere... Read more>>

Capella Singapore Sentosa Cascading Infinity Pools

Capella Singapore Sentosa View from Cascading Infinity PoolsThe infinity pools at the Capella are unlike those I have come across in Singapore: they are layered and spread (cascading) over a wide area giving you that secluded and tranquil ambiance. The sun beds found at the pool side are big and comfortable. On a clear sunny day, the pools would be the perfect place to hang out and relax. 

The three pools are positioned perfectly to take in the surrounding flora and fauna, with glimpses of the beach and sea with ships in the... Read more>>

i Light Marina Bay 2012

Marina Bay Night View i
i Light Marina Bay, first started in 2010, is Singapore’s as well as Asia ’s first sustainable light art festival that serves as the regional platform for exchanging ideas and technology, artistic expression and public engagement through light art works which emphasize on intelligent light usage and sustainable use of energy. i Light Marina Bay 2010 celebrated Marina Bay 's nightscape with a showcase of 25 dynamic and innovative light art installations along the 3.5km waterfront promenade.... Read more>>

Sunday, April 01, 2012

4 Tips to an Affordable Vacation

Image: dan /
Planning is always a good start to your vacation, and it never hurts to get more for less right?
1. Budget
Having a limit or idea of your budget gives you boundaries and ideas when searching for that ideal vacation spot and activities that you can do without burning a hole in your pocket when you come back. The budget should not only include accommodation, but flight fees, food, shopping and any other miscellaneous spending (e.g. shopping, water sports, admission fees etc…) you may incur. Setting a budget also helps you to maximize your dollar and most probably get more out of it.
2. DIY vs Tour Groups
With the many options available for traveling these days from tour agencies which already have an itinerary in place for you (saving you the effort and time) to DIY holidays. Even DIY holidays have further options for you to choose from, there are 3rd party websites (Zuji, Expedia etc…) that offer the option to bundle your flight booking, and accommodation at a special rate, or you could...Read more>>

Citibank Clear Platinum Card – The Social Credit Card?

Citibank’s Clear Platinum Card allows its users to enjoy 5x the rewards for Online Shopping, Nightspots, Cinemas and Cafes, and like all Citibank credit cards you can redeem your rewards with your Citi$. Out of all Citibank’s credit cards, the Clear Platinum Card has one of the lowest annual fees of S$160.50 (inclusive of GST).

According to AsiaOne, the Clear Platinum Card has gone through a re-vamp, card members are now going to be engaged through three ways...Read more>>

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Luggage

Image: Victor Habbick /
As affluence grows and technology advances, not only has the mode of travel become more affordable, the choices for luggage (e.g. material, size, and designs) have also increased. Traveling has become common for the average person (not including business trips) wanting to just relax, get away from the usual hustle and bustle of life, or simply to experience something different. The start of stress-free travel would be to have to right luggage for the occasion, to avoid the minor tragedies like a broken or torn luggage/duffel bag.

Unlike before, there a plenty of options for your luggage these days, and they are not limited to suitcases. Even what used to be your ordinary backpack now comes with retractable handles, wheels and/or straps. You can now find luggage of almost every color and various designs. So which luggage is suitable for you?

1. Soft-case vs Hard-case luggage 
Depending on your budget and needs, you might go for the soft-case luggage which is usually made out of nylon, polyester or fabric. This type of luggage is usually more...Read more>>