Saturday, July 28, 2012

Research and Travel Style

No matter the accommodation type and rates, there will always be someone complaining about something on a review site or forum. It is amusing to read some reviews or posts for budget hotels where people complain about the small rooms, cleanliness, service and what not, save for the ‘perfect’ location. But you get what you pay for (in most cases), no? If the previews reviews state that the room has no windows and a are small, or that there is no view, what is there to get all surprised and upset about? The best approach would be take an overview of all the reviews of the performance of the business (in general) and be wary of postings from reviewers with only one review and little... Read more>>

Singtel Bridge DataRoam 5 Days Plan for France (Paris)

SingTel has 2 plans for its Bridge DataRoam Unlimited: the monthly fees and the one that you need to activate for the amount of days or hours that you need it for, from 0000 to 2359 of the end date regardless of what time it is activated. But it seems that the rates have gone up, if you compare it with last year.
Singtel Bridge DataRoam
 Singtel Bridge DataRoam Plans as at 2012
Not wanting to incur an exorbitant handphone bill when I went to Paris late last month, I applied for Singtel’s Bridge DataRoam plan for France. It was S$100 for unlimited 3G access for 5 days on... Read more>>

Friday, July 27, 2012

Earl Grey Lavender (Artisan Selection – Blend 086)

Earl Grey Lavender
This blend consists of high grown Celyonese black tea that is delicately fused with lavender blooms and oil of bergamot, creating an Earl Grey tea with finesse.

Medium bodied. Brisk Liquor with bergamot taste

Light citrusy-floral on the nose

Excellent with pastry, chocolate and dessert

Time for tea again! It has been a long time since I last tried the tea from my staycation at Capella Singapore earlier this year. For those new to Earl Grey, the intensity of the bergamot is as the description says, delicately fused into... Read more>>

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paris Plages 2012 - A Summer Event

Paris PlagesIf you want to go to Paris between the 19th July to 20th August 2012, avoid taking your car because during this period is the Paris-Plages event going on! ...Read more>>

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant (Paris)

1 Boulevard Capucines, 75002 Paris, France

Started in Paris (France), the Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant features a wide selection of cuts such as sirloin, tenderloin rib steaks, all the way to the rare hanger and skirt steaks. Thankfully despite its name, the restaurant does not sell hippopotamus meat. Apparently the restaurant’s founder saw a Hippopotamus during one of his voyage trips and left an impression on him, enough to actually start a restaurant using the animal’s name!

The Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant was established in Paris 1968, and grew to over a hundred restaurants mainly in the French regions before... Read more>>

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paris to Singapore on Singapore Airlines: The Economy and Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1 Experience (Review)

Checking-in online and printing out the boarding pass for the return trip back to Singapore was as easy as the trip from Singapore to Paris. The only constraint is that you can only check-in online (at most) 48 hours before the flight actually departs.
  • Getting to Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1 via taxi
As the flight was departing at 12 noon, I left Paris at 0830 in the morning and it took about 45 minutes by taxi to the Charles de Gaulle Airport. The taxi fare was 58.90€.

  • Checking-in Luggage at Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1
Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1
Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1 Singapore Airlines Counter
Fortunately for me, although the queue at the check-in for Economy Class was long it was completed within 15 minutes. By the time I was in the queue, the people were starting to pile up and the line behind me was only getting longer and longer. Having a printed boarding pass and checking-in onlin...Read more>>

Friday, July 13, 2012

Plaza Gardens Restaurant Disneyland Paris (France)

Plaza Gardens Restaurant Disneyland ParisPlaza Gardens Restaurant Disneyland Paris
Plaza Gardens Restaurant Disneyland Paris
Although there were at least 3 other buffet options when we were at Disneyland Paris, we decided to have an international buffet lunch at Plaza Gardens Restaurant (off Main Street) for 26.99€ per person (adult) with drinks included. It was worth it (especially if you are hungry and/or can eat a lot)! Children can eat at the buffet at 11.50€, while if you want to save some money on drinks it costs.. Read more>>

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walt Disney Studios Park (France)

Walt Disney Studios Park (France)
Walt Disney Studios Park (France)
Walt Disney Studios Park (France)
Outside Walt Disney Studios Park (France)
After surviving the queue at the entrance, our adventure started at Walt Disney Studios Park early in the morning. Fortunately it was not really quite the school holidays and a weekday, so the crowd and waiting time at the rides were not too bad (around 30-50 minutes). Walt Disney Studios Park is a relatively small amusement park which has some great rides such as Crush Coaster.

Once you past security at the entrance, the only way to get inside at Walt Disney Studios Park is to go through Studio 1 which is an interesting place as it is the main walk-through where all the shops... Read more>>

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting to Walt Disney Studios Park & Disneyland (France)

Disney Village
Disney Village
Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland (France) are side by side and can be completed within a day, if you are focused on the more exciting rides and don’t get distracted with meeting the characters, parade shows, souvenirs and kiddy rides. The last time I was in France I did not get to visit, so I made it a point to visit this time round with my cousins as the guides. Getting to the parks from the city center (Paris) takes about 2 hours by metro/RER and was relatively easy. If you want a more leisurely time at the parks, I guess two days should be enough.

Save on your hotel - HotelsCombined.comIt was kind of a last minute thing and thankfully my cousin managed to find an online offer which was about 12% less than the original pricing for the tickets per adult. We had wanted to stay overnight, but as it was kind of last minute most if the hotels were already booked. So if you want to spend more time and stay at the hotels it would be best to actually start booking online really early on to get your preferred hotel and dates.

Tickets should be bought online (if possible), because that would save you the time at the queue. If you decide to buy your tickets when you arrive, be prepared for lots of queuing: there is a queue for you to purchase the tickets, than there is a queue for visitors into the park - those... Read more>>

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Singapore to Paris on Singapore Airlines: The Economy Experience

The booking process on the Singapore Airlines website for a return trip to Paris was a breeze. You can choose your preferred seat when booking online as well. Navigation around the website was fairly simple enough and payment was a breeze, with the simple input of the credit card number and a click of a button. When payment was confirmed, the itinerary and receipt was sent to my email.

Checking-in can be done online and only at least 48 hours before the flight takes off. As I had input my mobile number, a SMS was sent to inform that I could check-in online. The process was easy, and after checking-in I was able to print out my boarding pass and (any) necessary documents. Being able to select your preferred seat, checking-in online and printing out the boarding pass really saves a lot of time... Read more>>

Monday, July 09, 2012

Pearl of the Orient (Gryphon Tea Company)

Pearl of the Orient (Gryphon Tea Company)
Description: This jasmine tea is accentuated with rose oil to produce an exquisite sensual aroma of floral bouquet.

Character: Light bodied. Bright golden liquor with a sweet finish

Aroma: Soft and floral

Goes well with fish and other white meat, served without milk.
Pearl of the Orient (Gryphon Tea Company)

Finally, after a long while I am trying another tea which I had the opportunity to come across when I was on staycation at Capella Singapore earlier this year! Like the TWG Company, the Gryphon Tea Company is a Singapore company with a mission to make high-quality, gourmet teas accessible to discerning tea drinkers seeking new... Read more>>

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Starbucks Singapore Coffee Appreciation Class

We got to taste 3 different types of coffee, from the mild subtle Blonde (Starbucks Veranda Blend), the Medium (Kenya), to the Dark (French Roast). With each of the coffees, we were introduced to foods that complimented each type.
Coffees in this category have a light body and mellow flavors. We got to try the Starbucks Veranda Blend which has delicate nuances of soft cocoa and lightly toasted nuts. Gracious and flavorful, without being overly bold. The Almond Butter Cake went with the Starbucks Veranda Blend, and the... Read more>>