Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Successfully Managing People

The most important and difficult aspect of a manager's job is to manage people. To be an effective leader you must lead, motivate, inspire and encourage your team. If you fail to manage your people well, it won't be long before they (or possibly you) will be looking for new.. more>>

Fudge Pound Cake Recipe

Fudge Pound Cake is an all-time favorite in our house. During the holidays, I bake two dozen of these decadent chocolate pound cakes and give them to friends and neighbors as gifts. Wrap them in plastic wrap, then with gift wrapping paper and add a pretty bow. You could also include the recipe printed on an index card and attached to the package. Recipient's will love you for your thoughtfulness and appreciate being able to make this rich... more>>

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deja Vu - Experiencing the Past in the Present

Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense that you are in close acquaintance with something that's totally new? Say, you travel to Spain for the first time and when you go visit the park, you feel that you've been to that same place before. Or maybe when you are talking to your friends about aliens on a Saturday night and all of a sudden you get the feeling that you have already experienced this very thing - same topic, same place, same set of friends- even though you know u haven't. If you have ever encountered any of these situations, it means you've experienced... more>>

Are Animals Capable of Laughing?

Whether it's the youthful giggling of girls in the park or boisterous shouts of the crowd in a comedy show, we hear laughter every day. It's really nothing new to us humans. But what about animals? Are they capable of laughing? And if they do laugh, does it affect their... more>>

How to Spot a Genuine Smile from a Fake Smile

Smiling is so easy to do ... just stretch the corners of your mouth to your ears and your done. Or if not, saying the word "cheese" will do the trick. Every one of us has our signature smile and we do it for different reasons. To appear pleasant, bestow approval, to show happiness or amusement; even when we feel embarrassed about something, we give out cute smiles to cover it up. Generally, smiles are given for positive reasons. Or is it... more>>