Sunday, March 16, 2008

Creative Bags

Shopping will never be the same again. ..

Simple Introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

If you have ever created a website or webpage, or are planning to do so, Cascading Style Sheets (more commonly known as CSS) is something that would be extremely useful. CSS is a style sheet language that is used to style webpages written in HTML, XHTML and basically any other programming language like ASP, PHP and XML etc... more>>

Monday, March 10, 2008

Is real beauty on the outside or the inside?

In this world where superficial beauty supersedes what is truly inner beauty, it is hard to really believe that real beauty can be on the inside. We are taught to believe that outer beauty such as our physique eyes, hair, facial structure etc - is what matters when we are bombarded with images from the media that portray wha... more>>

Should high school students be required to volunteer in community service projects?

Community service projects are not only a good way to give back to the community (society), but it also helps to nurture considerateness, tolerance, patience, and understanding. And what better way to start nurturing the future generation by introducing them to volunteering in community service projects.

If it were not mad... more>>

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Can you buy your children's affection with expensive gifts?

If money was able to solve any problem or to foster a genuine bond between parent and child, then there would be less of the troubles that we see in today's society. As people are able to afford more things and lead a better life due to rising affluence, it is needless to say parents are able to provide more for their children... more>>

Why you should learn to cook

Why should you learn to cook? Is it that important? Although not everybody can cook with flair, and conjure up delicious meals instantly, it is undeniable that cooking is one of the basic skills an individual requires to survive in this world. It is relatively easy to cook a simple meal, it may not taste that great at first, ... more>>

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Flower Power

Flowers are not just beautiful to be admired, some are good enough to eat and even have medicinal benefits! Here are a few interesting facts about some flowers and their health benefits:

Chrysanthemum tea made from the plants flowers is beneficial for the blood and its circulation, as well as preserving vitality. It also helps with sinus congestion and high blood pressure, and at the same time detoxifies the blood and calms the nerves.

Oil extracted from the geranium plant has anti-fungal properties and antiseptic prowess. It can be used to treat burns and wounds, poor circulation, eczema and rheumatism.

Juice from raw, finely grated lotus root, in small doses can be used to treat lung0related aliments such as coughing and asthma. Lotus root tea is also able to relieve cough as well and lotus seeds not only increase energy and vitality, but also aids in digestion.

The rose has a long history of being used in folk remedies, especially for skin care. Although it is suitable for all skin types, it is in particular very good for dry, sensitive or aging skin. The fruit of the rose plant – rose hip – is an excellent source of vitamins (A, B3, C, D and E). In its tea form, rose hips are good for easing infections, especially that of the bladder.

The leaves and flowers of the pansy are not only editable, but high in vitamins A and V as well. They can also be used as a garnish on cold fruits, in salads or cream based soups.