Friday, September 28, 2007

we learn we live we grow

Ever had one of those days where everything just had to go wrong? Just when things were going well or should have been, and then something even bigger comes along and disrupts the momentum. Imagine "happily" starting school: doing projects, essays and preparing for exams. A new year, new school, new friends and you're finally almost on the way to get that costly piece of paper that would supposedly get you a better job and pay.

Then, suddenly midway through the first semester the big news arrives, the university you're attending is closing down due to insufficient funds (due to over budgeting on marketing - so they claim) and the fact that the intake for the second semester was below expectation. Which does not make sense as it really wasn’t that publicized... or was it? So in order to cut losses, the top management decided it wasn't worth the investment and it was best they abandoned the project before they incurred even more losses.

And only after mentioning the fact that the school was going to close down did they assure all students not to worry as they would be offered a place in the main campus, as long as exams were taken and the offer accepted. For those that did not want or could not go over, there would be alternatives. These so called alternatives really meant, "You're on your own if you can't make the mark. Please find other routes that would be more appropriate for you".

Being one of the few 'fortunate' people that such a thing should happen to is really an interesting event to happen in life so to say, but I'd rather it happen only once. True, students were devastated, parents were angered and staff were disorientated. But life goes on... Two months after the debacle life seems to be going on well, for those who have decided to go over and those who decided to stay. .. Just not in the way we expected it to be.

As for me, I decided to take a step back and just go to work while thinking things through again... It is an "interesting" event to happen life I only wish would have never happened, and an expensive "experience" too. Even though things turned out the way they did, at least it happened sooner than later. Or so I'd like to think so. And so a new journey begins....