Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Because....

Just because you pay a few bills, you think you're the king of the world
Just because you've lived a couple more years more, you think that all your choices and decisions are correct
There is no wrong in your world, as long as it is by your rules
You think you are right
Only you

There is only your reasoning
No room for others, just because you think so
Other people's reasoning is all wrong to you
They never make sense
Just because you want it your way

Just because you want everyone to bid your doing
Else you'll threaten them emotionally
Just because you think you're right
Just because you want things done your way and your way alone
All other ways are nonsense to you
No way but your way

Too bad I don't want to live by your rules anymore
They make no sense
Just because sometimes I really want to say...
Why can't you hear what I have to say?
It's my life, my space
Not yours
You're just part of the process... that's all

Friday, July 25, 2008

Concealer Basics

There are countless of products in the makeup "world", and one of the many wonders created to help with creating that perfect look is the concealer. As the name implies, it conceals (covers up) spots, dark circles (especially under the eyes), and other visibly small blemishes on the skin (most often on the... more>>

The pros and cons of text messages

Text messaging is a wonderful tool for people to be able to communicate with each other, especially in situations where a phone call just seems quite impossible or inappropriate. It's just like mobile email, without the internet connection, and on-the-go.

In today's busy society, friends can update and keep in touch with o...more>>

Why brown rice is better than white rice

Although brown rice and white rice have the same amount of calories, carbohydrate, fat and proteins, brown rice is the more nutritious of the two: it has several vitamins and dietary minerals that white rice does not have. Brown rice is unprocessed (un-milled/partly milled) rice that still retains its outer layer (the husk), ... more>>

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Behind the name: Addison

Both male and female


Child/Son of Adam

ORIGIN & History:
The name Addison is of Old English origin, derived from the medieval name Addie - a nickname for Adam, and is also a Scottish patronymic surname, "Son of Addie" - a Scottish Lowlands nickname for Adam. It be... more>>

Behind the name: Evan

Primarily male but is also used (seldom) for female


Swift (Gaelic)
Young (Welsh)
Right-Handed (Scottish)
God is good/ God has been gracious/ God has shown favour (Hebrew)

ORIGIN & History:
The name Evan is of Welsh origin and is derived from... more>>


Everything seems to fade with each passing day
What seemed important than
What I thought that mattered most
Looking back
It seems so trivial now
Just so tried of it all
Petty squabbles
Screaming shouts
Disillusioned by it all
Didn't seem to understand
Didn't want to bother anymore
Wanted to get awa... more>>

Friday, July 18, 2008

How much education is enough to succeed

It is common knowledge that education will get you somewhere in life, but there are times when it not always the case. Getting a good education is essential in getting that perfect job, but that is as far as it will get you; unless you are planning to work in a more specialized field such as engineering, law or medical. What ... more>>

Why the restaurant industry needs web-based marketing and ordering systems

Living in the information age, from all areas of life almost every aspect of business has at least a web site with information about the services available or the nature of business. Nowadays, the first thing that people do when they want to gather more information about almost anything is to search the web; they are just a c... more>>

The best free photo editing software

There are countless of free programs for photo editing. Of course, it is said that the best program out there is Photoshop, but you have to pay for that, and it doesn't come to cheaply either. So unless you plan on investing in a really good or require it in your work, and can afford it, you should. What happens if you feel ... more>>

How young is too young to wear makeup?

Makeup (cosmetics), are products created to help one accentuate the face, and highlight its strengths, hiding flaws such as pimples or blemished, or simply to give the illusion of a flawless complexion. Usually people that put on make either need to (due to work) or simply because they want too.

When little girls start to ... more>>

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is toner used for?

Having been created for the purpose of reducing (tightening) pores and removing any remaining residue from cleansing your face, toners are used as part of a face (skin care) regime on a daily basis, and are usually applied after the face has been cleansed; with moisturizers being applied once the toner has dried.

As toners...more>>

How old is too old to wear a mini skirt?

No matter how fashionable an item of clothing is during any season, we should always choose and wear the types of clothes that will help us accentuate our strengths, and not our flaws.

The same would apply to mini skirts, there should be a limit as to what age we stop wearing them. Basically, as long as anyone has those sh...more>>

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Website reviews: is a comprehensive website for topics related to food, from recipes to cooking, where visitors can learn and share about cooking and recipes. The layout of the site is easy on the eyes, with topics categorized into tabs for easy navigation. There also has an easy to locate search function, which allows vis... More>>