Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Because....

Just because you pay a few bills, you think you're the king of the world
Just because you've lived a couple more years more, you think that all your choices and decisions are correct
There is no wrong in your world, as long as it is by your rules
You think you are right
Only you

There is only your reasoning
No room for others, just because you think so
Other people's reasoning is all wrong to you
They never make sense
Just because you want it your way

Just because you want everyone to bid your doing
Else you'll threaten them emotionally
Just because you think you're right
Just because you want things done your way and your way alone
All other ways are nonsense to you
No way but your way

Too bad I don't want to live by your rules anymore
They make no sense
Just because sometimes I really want to say...
Why can't you hear what I have to say?
It's my life, my space
Not yours
You're just part of the process... that's all

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