Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting to Walt Disney Studios Park & Disneyland (France)

Disney Village
Disney Village
Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland (France) are side by side and can be completed within a day, if you are focused on the more exciting rides and don’t get distracted with meeting the characters, parade shows, souvenirs and kiddy rides. The last time I was in France I did not get to visit, so I made it a point to visit this time round with my cousins as the guides. Getting to the parks from the city center (Paris) takes about 2 hours by metro/RER and was relatively easy. If you want a more leisurely time at the parks, I guess two days should be enough.

Save on your hotel - HotelsCombined.comIt was kind of a last minute thing and thankfully my cousin managed to find an online offer which was about 12% less than the original pricing for the tickets per adult. We had wanted to stay overnight, but as it was kind of last minute most if the hotels were already booked. So if you want to spend more time and stay at the hotels it would be best to actually start booking online really early on to get your preferred hotel and dates.

Tickets should be bought online (if possible), because that would save you the time at the queue. If you decide to buy your tickets when you arrive, be prepared for lots of queuing: there is a queue for you to purchase the tickets, than there is a queue for visitors into the park - those... Read more>>

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