Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Throughout history, there has been, and still is an ongoing debate on whether leaders are born or made. It has been an age-old question that has been on the minds of many. So are leaders born or made? I believe that it takes both, more so of being born with certain qualities and nurturing those qualities that makes effective leaders, rather than just nurturing alone.

According to Gary Johns et al (2005) and Robbins, S et al. (2006), leadership, in an organizational context, is defined as the ability to exert influence on others to achieve (organizational) goals: leaders are people, who not only able to influence others towards (organizational) goals, but also have managerial authority. Furthermore, S.A Kirkpartrick and E.A Locke (1991) state that leaders are intelligent individuals who are initiative, energetic, ambitious, and willing to take on responsibility. Therefore, a (effective) leader is someone who is able to inspire (influence) others (e.g. taking charge or command), a figurehead whom others look up to, and is able to lead people towards certain goals.... Read more>>

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