Monday, September 14, 2009

Cat goes on wild 3800km ride

A CAT named Clyde has survived a miraculous, mysterious trek over 3800km in three years.

The moggy wandered into Cloncurry Hospital, in outback Queensland, four months ago.

Nobody knew where he was from or how he got there. At the hospital, a nurse took him to local vet, who scanned him to find a microchip. That led them all the way back to his owners in Tasmania.

Katrina Phillips told The Mercury was moved to tears when she got the call last week that Clyde was alive and well.

How the pure-bred Himalayan ended up so far from his home at the other end of the country, remains a mystery.

"We just can't believe he's alive, it's just unbelievable and it's so emotional," Ms Phillips said.

"I bought him as a birthday present for my daughter Ashleigh and one day, about three years ago, he just disappeared.

"We did everything to try to find him. We door-knocked, did letterbox drops and advertised in the paper, but there was no trace of him."

There is just one final hurdle left before Clyde is reunited with his owners.

They need help raising the $1000 to ship him back from Cloncurry to Tasmania.

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