Saturday, September 12, 2009

Groom fixes teeth to marry dentist's daughter

An Isle of Wight man was told to get his teeth fixed before a dentist would let him marry his daughter.

Gordon Taylor, 32, was told he must have a series of fillings and cosmetic surgery before he could walk down the aisle with Sarah Lewis, 26.

Her father, Dr Philip Lewis, even made him wear a 'snap-on smile' cosmetic denture for the wedding in Cowes.

"I didn't mean to neglect my teeth, I guess it was just the lifestyle I was leading," said Mr Taylor.

"When I met Sarah, I guess her family noticed them more than most because her father is a dentist."

Dr Lewis, 56, admitted he was horrified by the sight of his future son-in-law's teeth.

"The thought of my daughter walking down the aisle to Gordon with his teeth the way they were was not a good one," he said.

Sarah's mother Joy, who works as a receptionist at Dr Lewis's surgery, added: "Gordon is a lovely chap but he had awful teeth, really awful teeth."

And his bride said she was thrilled Mr Taylor had agreed to undergo the dental work to win her hand.

"I will always love him regardless but I know the finished look will certainly please him as well as our family and friends," she said.


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