Monday, September 14, 2009

iPod touch 3.1 Update Now $4.95

Still on the fence about grabbing the 3.0 update for your iPod Touch? Well, eagle-eyed snoops discovered last night that Apple has just slashed the price of the update in half, from the already low $9.95 to now $4.95. The download will enhance your Touch to version 3.1 and also deliver all the goodies that came with the original 3.0 software.

Why are they charging for the upgrade in the first place? The company says that accounting/regulatory procedures have made it mandatory, which has led to very dismal download numbers. According to a report from mobile advertising firm AdMob, only 1% of iPod touch owners that have accessed AdMob's ad network have made the move to the 3.0 software, when compared to 44% of iPhone users. Factor in that 20 million iPod Touch units have been sold, and that's quite a small number of users willing to pay for the improvements.


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