Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Luxor Adventures

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Rating: 3.5/5

Time travel, Egyptian mythology, and archeology all within a hidden object game infused with puzzles and mini-games! It even has a good storyline to boot. Being a hidden game game, there bound to be similarities with existing with hidden object games. However, Luxor Adventures is still entertaining, extremely challenging and full of surprises.

An ancient port has become unstable, with objects from the future turning up in places of the past. In a bid to restore history and prevent the villain from attempting to alter history, the heroes travel through time in an attempt to save the world from the wrath of Osiris by finding hidden objects (from the future in places of the past) and solving puzzles.

Game Play
As with most hidden object games, you have to scour a cluttered environment for items that are listed on the bottom of the screen while racing against the clock per level. At each level, you have to find two orbs and two Ankhs. Once you have collected all eight orbs, you will be able to play Luxor, a color ball-blasting game. Finding two Ankhs at each level allows you to unlock more game modes from the main menu. Objects hidden in this game can be very well-hidden (small and/or well camouflaged) and hard to spot, making it slightly frustrating. Luckily there is a Hint button to reveal those hard-to spot objects.

The graphics are aptly drawn and beautiful, reflecting Luxor Adventure's Egyptian theme well.

Music used in the game adds to the ambiance of the game, drawing players into the ancient Egyptian world and the excitement of saving the world.

Creativity and Innovation
Being able to infuse the hidden game genre together with an interesting story, and bonus games to boot certainly makes this game unique. To add to its innovativeness and creativity, some items have to be completed by combining them, such as inserting batteries into a flashlight. The game also has a high replay value, because each time you play a particular level you will be asked to find different objects.

- You are looking for something different from the usual hidden object games.
- You like challenging hidden object games (objects can be very hard to find).
- You love the storyline and enjoy finding hidden objects while saving the world.

- Not being able to spot some very cleverly camouflaged (and possibly small) objects frustrate you.
- You prefer playing the usual untainted hidden games.
- You did not like the trial version.

Download FREE Trial
Buy for only $6.99

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