Thursday, December 03, 2009

Father forces six-year-old daughter to run marathon

A man from southern China's Hainan Province is forcing his six-year-old daughter to train for an upcoming marathon in a bid to persuade his estranged wife to return, the Shanghai Daily said.

Haikou City resident Yang Feng plans to register his amazing daughter for next year's Provincial Marathon of Hainan.

The energetic little girl runs some 70 kilometers every day in training for the big event, national media said.

Doctors have said that such exhausting training might harm the girl's health, especially her bones, heart, and nervous system.

The girl also takes singing, computer skills and guitar playing classes and studies in the third grade instead of the first which meets her age.

"Now there is only my daughter and me, I have no choice but to let her share some of my pressure," said Yang. "I hope she will become more mature and sturdy through the training."

Ria Novosti

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