Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Cute Knight

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Rating: 3/5

Hero, princess or villain? You get to decide who you want to be! With its unique blend of role-playing and time management, this sequel to Cute Knight would definitely appeal to those who like role-playing games where pretty magical princesses grow up to marry handsome princes. You get to choose your own outfits, travel the kingdom, meet new friends, find treasure and even encounter monsters! Take classes to improve your skills necessary for your success. You could be anyone you want to be, with dozens of endings depending on the choices you make.


The story unfolds when your character (of mysterious origins) has three years to discover her destiny. So she leaves home on her eighteenth birthday to find her destiny, with you guiding her through the choices she makes and adventures she encounters. Opportunities abound with classes to take, or jobs to earn money in areas of magic, fighting, defense and much more...

Game Play
The game starts off with you naming your character, and selecting from a set of twelve types of characteristics. Each character type determines the abilities your character would have. Interactivity revolves around story-driven dialogues, working, learning, and battle. Skills that are developed, achievements accomplished and your general game play will result in one of its many possible endings. With its multiple endings, playing this game more than once can be entertaining and addictive.

Being a little rough around the edges, the game loses some points in the graphics department. The constant traveling becomes slightly cumbersome after some time. Despite that, the graphics are still adorable enough to appeal to those who like good old role-playing with lots of character customization.

Music is clear and enchanting, matching the theme of the game well.

Creativity and Innovation
By incorporating role-playing and time management, Cute Knight is innovative and creative. Its complex skill system sets it apart from similar titles; though I would have preferred being able to continue playing after those three years. While the game can be addictive and full of surprises, it might end up repetitive for some players after several plays.

Download FREE Game Trial
BUY the game for only $6.99

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