Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FAT Hopes - Seperate fat from fiction

10 myths about losing weight
MYTH 1: I lose weight when I sleep less because I burn more calories when I stay up through the night
FACT: More sleep is better than less sleep. Research shows that the body's fat cells secrete 18% less of the hormone leptin - the chemical that tells your brain you have enough energy reserves and do not need food - if you don't get a full night's rest. Chances are if you have less sleep, you are less likely to exercise and more prone to reach for that box of doughnuts to get through the day.

MYTH 2: Green tea boosts metabolism
FACT: Green tea contains the chemical, polyphenol (commonly known as catechins), which speeds your metabolism for a short while, but that does not cause weight loss.

MYTH 3: Stress from working long hours will help me lose weight
FACT: Some people who are stressed out tend to binge on food (junk food in particular) and irregular eating habits also attribute to weight gain, as well as indigestion.

MYTH 4: Drinking lots of water will help me lose weight
FACT: While dehydration does slow down the fat-burning process, your body requires an adequate amount of water to function properly. Although drinking water with a meal may make you feel fuller faster, drinking water alone may not have this effect because our bodies need calories and nutrients to feel satiated.

MYTH 5: Drinking milk will make me fat
FACT: Dairy products have many nutrients your body needs. Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products, as they are nutritious as whole milk products and lower in fat and calories.

MYTH 6: If I go straight for the drinks and skip dinner, I will input less calories
FACT: If you drink excessively in place of a proper dinner, you risk not only consuming more calories but alcohol poisoning too. Alcohol is also more easily metabolised into fat than the protein and carbohydrates found in a nutritious meal.

MYTH 7: Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight
FACT: Meal-skipping causes the body to go into "starvation mode" to compensate for fewer calories. This could then decrease the body's metabolic rate by as much as 10%-15%, causing the body will hold on to fat and burn lean muscle instead. Skipping meals also makes you tired and increases the likelihood of snacking on high-fat and high-sugar foods to keep you going.

MYTH 8: I should not eat dinner after 8pm
FACT: Your digestion system does not have a clock-watch. It's not the time of day that you eat matters, rather, it is the amount of physical activity you do during the day that determines whether you gain or lose weight. No matter the time of day you eat, your body will store extra calories a fat. Do not binge and cram you entire day's calories into one meal.

MYTH 9: If I can lose weight by counting calories or cutting carbohydrates, I don't really need to excercise
FACT: Exercise is an important part of maintaining weight. It enhances our body system, and tones up up our muscles; improving our general health as a result.

MYTH 10: Don't snack between meals
FACT: Snacking is not the problem, it is what you snack on that matters. There are people who require a snack between meals to keep their energy levels up during the day, especially those with an active lifestyle. Snack on healthier foods like fruits and nuts, instead of chocolate or chips.


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