Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amidst the Doughnut Craze

There seems to be a whole lot of doughnut shops springing up all over Singapore, it is unbelievable that now you can find at least one doughnut shop almost everywhere! First it was the bubble tea boom, then the coffee bread craze and now its doughnuts galore…. Maybe after a while the number of doughnut shops would recede; when the craze has died down.

Anyways, I happened to discover yet another fattening and equally delicious treat – chewy junior (a well… chewy sort of cream puff). It’s bigger than your average cream puff, has a nice chewy spring to it and it even has toppings – 13 of them. I haven’t really tried everything just the cheese ones and there are pretty good. Initially it took a while getting adjusted to such a cream puff, and considering that I have never liked cream puffs, its amazing that I like this one so I just thought I’d share. (^-^)


  1. These sure look pretty yummy.
    You mean the doughnut craze has not receded? I was working at a mini donuts shop and we witnessed the madness! Glad I'm not there to fry them anymore!!

  2. they are yummy!! but highly fattening too hehe nope the doughnut craze has not receded, there're still doughnut shops springing up all over the place.. though i think its slowing down somewhat

  3. As with all the fads in SG! Everything comes and goes...
    That's why I told everyone, the only ones that last in SG are the old fashioned favourites (like sandwich loaves, croissants..). To succeed in F&B in SG, one needs to have funds (to recognise the correct market, practise Get in quick and Get out quick) or simply reliable set of skills which no one can replace. :)