Thursday, February 14, 2008

Choices… choices and even more choices

So many things to do and yet so little time to do it all… I used to think I wanted to continue studying and I did after doing part-time work for a while. But lo and behold, the school actually closed down? Hmm… that really put a damper on my plans, that’s a given. So what did I do? Did I follow the rest of them to to another country? Nope. I mean if I really didn’t have a choice I would have had too, but I do have a choice - I decided that since it was so poorly handed and presented, why should they earn money that could be better spent elsewhere? It’s like you might never want to step into a restaurant that had bad service and bad food. Would you?

And so off back to work I went, and I’m happy with it; the pay increased and I get to gain more experience too, plus the environment is pretty good. So no the only option would be to study part-time or would that be full-time? If it were full-time, I would definitely miss my monthly income, can’t spend as much too… Choices… O well, I’ll just take them as they come. After all, the objective of studying is to get a good job with an equivalent amount of pay. It's not a matter of just getting it done and over it, kind of defeats the whole point, doesn't it?


  1. I remembered the case about that university being underfunded.
    Well.. I agree that a lot of people are flocking out of sg to study elsewhere. Cos it's not just gaining another degree, it's about enriching one's life experience too. Don't forget there are a lot of foreigners going to sg to study too. In the end of the day, the qualification doesn't really matter too much. Experience is still number one when a company is looking for a candidate.

  2. Beautiful blog, I will be back later, just noticed you have visited my blog recently and wanted to say thank you, Anna :)