Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Challenges in Company Relocation from Urban to Rural

A heavily populated industrialized area’s environment is characterized as an area with socially and economically related adjacent communities. On the other hand, the environment of a small, rural town is characterized by large, isolated regions with low population density (e.g. small towns and farms). Moreover, the living costs of a heavily populated industrialized area are higher than that of a small, rural town. (Heizer & Render 2008)

One major problem will be reluctance to re-locate due to the drastic change in lifestyle from urban, fasting moving environment to a slower and more relaxed lifestyle; morale will be affected. Hence, there would concern for the employees working in the current urban site re-locating to a small, rural town heavily. The company may face resistance from employees as amenities of a small, rural town are lesser than that of a heavily populated industrialized area (i.e. employees may not want to live with the inconveniences and lack of amenities)... more>>

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