Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Parrots help mute man speak again

DAMASCUS, Md., Feb. 28 (UPI) -- A former firefighter in Maryland rendered mute by a car accident says a pair of talkative pet parrots helped him regain his speech.

Brian Wilson of Damascus, Md., gives credit to the birds for their determination to keep talking to him, eventually prompting his damaged brain to respond in kind. In gratitude, Wilson says he has since rescued about 80 exotic birds, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

Head injuries suffered in the accident 14 years ago caused doctors to say he would never speak beyond the level of a 2-year-old, the British newspaper said. But now Wilson says his pets "just kept talking to me and talking to me. Then all of a sudden, a word popped out, then two, then more."

The Telegraph said snow-white cockatoos, scarlet, blue and green macaws and African gray parrots now share Wilson's home. He has also reportedly set up the Wilson Parrot Foundation, which supplies the bird as entertainment at birthday parties and company events.

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