Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3M Marketing Mix Variables (4Ps) for the Greptile Golf Glove

1) Products
Points of Difference
The proprietary micro-replication technology used in the Greptile™ golf glove contains griping fingers to maintain consistency in gripping while using minimum effort. It is designed for both wet and dry conditions. According to golf editors, 3M’s micro-replication technology provided a much-needed innovation in the golf glove industry. Prior to the Greptile glove’s introduction, most gloves focussed on comfort rather than on improving the golfer’s game.

The materials used ensure durability and provides value for money. 3M has developed specific materials that focus on different aspects of durability. As evidenced in their website, the four different varieties of durability are contained in materials such as the G100, G200. G300 and G400, which each contain specific functions.

Product Life Cycle  
The product life cycle of the 3M Greptile™ golf glove is has moved from the introductory stage and is  ...Read more>>

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