Sunday, December 11, 2011

3M Greptile Golf Glove Strategy Discussion

3M’s main objective was to introduce the 3M Greptile™ golf glove as a product that improves a golfer’s grip and game; especially, those who have a weaker grip (i.e. golfers with arthritis and other hand related disabilities), which affects their grip and performance. By building awareness among potential consumers in golf glove market about the 3M Greptile™ golf glove, 3M will be able to gain their market share; earning a profit and sustaining their position in the market. Still have a question? 

However, as 3M has not ventured into the sports industry previously, consumers would find it hard to identify 3M with sports. This would be particularly so for 3M’s Greptile golf glove. Given the large varieties of golf gloves available, there is also a higher perceived risk from consumers. In addition to the above constraints, 3M’s lack of colour variety for the Greptile™ golf glove limit consumers’ choices as they can...Read more>>

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