Monday, August 09, 2010

How Important is That Degree?

As society advances and basic needs are most often being met, things that were not considered important in the past have taken priority. In the past, people could easily get a job and progress pretty well, as long as they were hard working; education was important but not as crucial as it is today.

Nowadays, just as clothes are to first impressions, so is that degree to an individuals’ first job or even a job with a good salary. Although it is inevitable in this world that we live in that experience is important to survive in any trade/profession, the first thing that companies look for is that piece of paper before looking at an individual’s experience.

A passport into the world of any profession, that is what having a degree means today, especially for professions that have need of certification and pay well, such as architects, doctors, engineers, lawyers, programmers, scientists, teachers etc…Read more>>

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