Saturday, August 28, 2010

Domain Name Selection

You are known best by your name. If you have a longer name, your companions tend to change it to a shorter ‘nick’ name. The same is the case with the domain name of your site. It’s the phrase that you company will be referred to by, so you wouldn’t want a visitor to recollect your site as ‘www…something’!

While it a common belief that all the good domain names are taken there is no limit to what you can come out with your smart imagination. Domain names are very important factor in marketing of your business, so come up with a unique one.

With time domain names are getting longer and thus harder to read. One needs more than a glance to remember the actual phrases that names your site. Well…it’s a drawback on your part. The allowed character length previously for domain names was 22 but it has been drastically increased to 63. This did give companies to come up with more options to choose from but again the full utilization of the limit meant that they were losing on versatility. It has been seen sometimes that the domain name is the whole...Read more>>

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