Saturday, August 28, 2010

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business whereby an affiliate is rewarded for each customer he adds to the business through his efforts. This affiliate marketing strategy involves rewards like cash benefits, gifts, reward sites and various others. Due to the efforts of the affiliate the whole business as a whole increases and a commission as a result is well deserved.

Affiliate marketing is similar to the marketing strategy employed by the internet marketing strategies to some extent because advertising is a prime tool. The affiliate marketing strategies are less orthodox than the internet strategies however.

Internet marketing affiliate programs involve e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, various paid marketing method and display advertising. However the affiliates marketing involves publishing of various reviews of the products and services that are offered by the partner site. This leads to transfer of a proportion of traffic from one site to another. This is often overlooked and disregarded by the advertisers but the affiliates marketing strategies still hold a position in...Read more>>

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