Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mind Mapping - Tefcas

Explains what TEFCAS stands for and gives an example of how it can be used to improve your studies.


Developed by Tony Buzan (2006), TEFCAS is basically a learning (mnemonic) formula, an acronym that spells out the basic steps that the human brain takes to define an experience. TEFCAS stands for Trial, Event, Feedback, Check, Adjust, and Success (Buzan & Miller 2004).

When you seek feedback, check regularly, and make the necessary adjustments, you are engaged in learning; with persistence, success is guaranteed. There is no failure in TEFCAS, only success. (Buzan & Miller 2004)

Below is an explanation of what TEFCAS as a metaphor:

1. Trial

Depending on your goal, this is every attempt to achieve that goal, “you have to try it; you have to throw the ball”. (Buzan & Miller 2004, pg6)

2. Event

This is the memorable moment “when you throw the ball there will be an event, a physical absolute, and that event will be that ball the ball will land on your head, on the ground, in your hand, or in your partner’s coffee” (Buzan & Miller 2004, pg6) For example, becoming speechless in front of your audience, or being unable to deliver on a promise to a client...Read more>>

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