Saturday, May 01, 2010

Nursery confiscated tot's sandwich

A boy of two had his cheese sandwich lunch confiscated by a nursery because it broke their healthy eating rules.

Jack Ormisher burst into tears when staff took it away because it didn't contain any lettuce or tomato, reports The Sun.

His mother Dorothy Gallear, 32, has now changed nurseries in Wigan, Lancs, and said: "It's absolutely pathetic."

She claimed he was not allowed to have it for lunch because it was not on a list of menu options such as fruit, veg, pasta or potatoes.

But bizarrely, she was told the sandwich would have been all right if it had contained some lettuce or tomato - as then it would have been classed as only a 'snack'.

Mrs Gallear added: "When I told people at his new nursery what happened over a cheese sandwich some laughed and others were horrified."

She had sent Jack to the Westfield Children's Centre in Pemberton, Greater Manchester, with his own lunch after food provided by the nursery left him with an upset stomach.

Wigan Council confirmed that a cheese sandwich would "not feature" on a list of food children were encouraged to eat under national guidelines.

Nursery manager Aukje Clegg said: "The decision to remove the child from the centre was taken by the parents. A place is still available if they reconsider."


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