Saturday, May 01, 2010

Boy nearly hit by laptop from the sky

ST. CLOUD, Minn., April 20 (UPI) -- The family of a Minnesota 10-year-old said the boy was nearly struck by a laptop computer that fell from a medical helicopter.

Grayson Peterka, 10, and his family said they were at a cookout Saturday in St. Cloud when the computer crashed to the ground in front of the boy with a gunshot-like sound, WCCO-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul, reported Tuesday.

"I heard the helicopter going by. It was pretty low and then they made like a turn. When that happened it fell to the ground," Grayson Peterka said.

Laura Colon, Grayson's aunt, said she investigated the object.

"We came around the side of the garage here and we found a laptop and it was most definitely something that fell. It was busted up pretty good. I looked on the back and I saw Life Link and I said 'No way, that doesn't happen,'" she said.

Life Link officials said the laptop was mistakenly left on the helicopter's skids by a crew when it departed St. Cloud Hospital. The hospital said it is investigating the incident.


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