Saturday, May 01, 2010

Lecturer married homeless busker - after nine days

A former university lecturer has told how she flew to LA for an impulse holiday, met a homeless man - and married him nine days later.

Even more incredibly, Joanne St Clair, from Nelson, Lancashire, is still with Daniel Orlick after seven years and expecting their second child.

Joanne, now 37, had a good job, her own home and a car but felt something was missing in her life so decided to take a break.

After two days, she met Daniel in a Venice Beach hostel, where he had formerly worked, and they began arguing - about The Simpsons.

Eventually, he told her that he was living rough and busking because he dreamt of making it as a singer-songwriter and played her some of his songs.

They fell for each other and, after they had known each other for all of five days, Daniel told Joanne: "You know we will get married" and she replied "Yes, I know".

After nine days they married at the LA Courthouse and had matching wedding ring tattoos on their fingers before spending their wedding night at the hostel.

When Joanne told her friends and family back in England that she was married - to a homeless busker - they were taken aback, to say the least.

But now they are living happily together back in the UK with Elijah, four, and their second child is due in November. Joanne is now Daniel's manager and they also run a record label together.

Joanne said: "Given the way we met there's no such phrase as 'can't' in our house.

"That chance meeting changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. People will always tell you to do the sensible thing but letting your heart rule may well be worth a try. I did and look what happened to me."


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