Sunday, February 01, 2009

Vitamin Knowledge 101: Water-Soluble Vs. Fat-Soluble

A basic knowledge of vitamins is essential to a healthy lifestyle but there is commonly confusion s
urrounding the subject of vitamins. There are many types of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the healthy function of the body. These vitamins and minerals are also referred to as micronutrients, which are naturally present in only a meager sum in the human body. These micronutrients serve many purposes in the body including increasing cellular activity, aiding in proper cell and tissue growth, enhanced digestion of food, aiding mental functions and increasing the power of concentration, and most importantly, to aid the human body in becoming resistant to and fighting off contagious diseases. Vitamins and minerals also act as catalysts by aiding in making the chemical reactions needed by the body to start certain functions. Vitamins and minerals are very different from proteins as they are not to be burned like fats but are generally used to create different types of energy.... more>>

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