Friday, January 11, 2008

A New Chapter

People have been asking me what do I want to do now - to study or work, full-time or part-time. The answer is simple I still want to study, but I doubt I'll be taking that offer to go over to Australia to study. Not because I don't want to to, its just that I don't feel like it. If I had no other alternatives, I would have taken up the offer. And since I do have a choice now, I want to go over because I want to not because it's some handout provided by the school due to the circumstances.

I guess it depends on how an individual sees it. There have been some who tell me that I should take up the offer, since its better than nothing and at least they're offering some money. Just a little topping up the amount would be alright, depending on your lifestyle when you get there. To them its an opportunity. It true when you go out of the country to study you'll learn to be more independent and gain a new living experience. Nothing wrong with that, its just that I don't feel the same way. For now, I like it here and have no intention of moving anywhere. There will be other opportunities later on if I do want to study overseas. That's how I see it anyways.

After all, the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. But in life sometimes looks can be deceiving and we won't really know the outcome until later on with life. So for now, I'll just stick with my decision to study here and we'll see a couple of years down the road how it all turns out. It's nice to have someone up there who looks out for me. It's times like these that I feel loved. =) lol I know that everything will turn out perfectly fine.

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