Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dogs dogs dogs and more dogs

So many kinds, shapes, sizes and colours. There are cute ones and there are ugly ones, even one to suit a certain lifestyle; all of which originated from wolves. You either love then or hate them, but one thing is for certain they are here to stay. People keep them, love them, abuse them and even eat them in certain places.

As the livelihood of people in well-developed countries get better, they can afford more things and with that they pick up other activities such as keeping dogs. There's nothing wrong with that; what is amusing is the way some owners pamper their dogs. With more and more owners wanting their dogs to enjoy life, the market for dog services seems to be lucrative. From dog spas to bakeries, hotels to eateries, transport services and even dog cleaning up services, and the list goes on. A simple search in Google for the types of dog services is mind blowing, and probably was what led me to type this...

There are some pretty practical services like dog transport services, bakeries and places for them to stay when the owners go for a holiday. While there are meaningful and practical services, there are also those really wacky ones.

For one, I never quite can understand some services such as dog weddings. Just the idea of people getting their dogs married - with ceremony and all, seems a bit over the top - the costs are not cheap either.They dress the dogs, take photos with the ceremony and all that. Money can and should be spent on better things, I mean its not the dogs who appreciate it, its just the owners, its not like the dogs have a say in it, even if they did can owner speak "dog" to truly understand what the dog wants? I guess that one of the reasons why there are services such as this, for owners to imagine life as a dog.

As for the the rest of the world might think its just plain ridiculous.The only thing that is good for is people earning off money people who really have money but don't know what to do with it.

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