Saturday, March 17, 2012

B.o.B in Singapore 2011

Last summer August 2011, an important personality came to Singapore: the artist B.o.B. Organized by the famous sports chain Adidas for which he is a spokesperson, an autograph session was arranged in one of its shops. I had the privilege to attend this event, and found that the event was very secure, perhaps a little too secured.

BoB at the concert at Hard Rock Hotel in
So together with the fans, I was waiting outside the Adidas shop and caught of a glimpse of B.o.B through the window trying on clothes and doing his shopping! After he was done, he sat down at the table, preparing for the autograph session. Everyone outside the shop was impatiently waiting for this moment, books, CD and camera all ready in hand to capture the precious moment. 

The door finally opened and everybody entered in an orderly fashion, under the scrutiny of the security guards of course. When it was our turn (my brother and I), we were very disappointed by the event and the organization: B.o.B was not allowed to sign on any of our belongings, and handed out an already pre-signed piece of paper. As for photographs with B.o.B, they were taken by the Adidas shop cameras and we could not use our own.

My brother was about to hand his handphones to B.o.B to sign and even the man himself was willing to take it and sign it for it him, but the security guards stood between them and forbid B.o.B to...Read more>>

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