Friday, February 10, 2012

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: The Experience

My bottom left wisdom had been problematic the past couple of years because it did not fully erupt and got infected a couple of times. Usually the pain was bearable and would fade of after a couple of days. But yesterday the pain was slightly more than what it was usually: I could feel the throbbing of dull pain with each heartbeat and the gum surrounding that wisdom tooth was sore and swollen.
Previously I had put off getting the tooth extracted as the reading up on other people’s experiences’ with things that went wrong, or just the thought of being awake during the procedure and being able to feel and be aware of what was going on, minus the pain, did not sit too well with me as I have never extracted any teeth at all. Moreover, having read even more horror stories, especially of one at the National Dental Center pulling out two wrong teeth of a patient by mistake after the wrong referral slip was attached to the wrong patient call-number chit did not help ease my nerves.

So it was a quick call to make an appointment at the nearest private dentist for a consultation at AllSmiles Dental Care @ Tampines, which I had only been too about 3-4 times for teeth cleaning. AllSmiles Dental Care @ Tampines...Read More>>

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