Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skip Beat (Extravagant Challenge)

After waiting for 3 years, this drama is finally in the works! The cast has changed and it is a little weird having Korean actors acting in a Taiwan drama with their parts being dubbed, but so far so good. If you don't know already, the drama is adapted from the manga "Skip Beat", with the necessary changes made for the Chinese audience.

The drama follows Gong Xi, a high school student who gave up the opportunity to enter university to support her childhood friend and crush, Bu Po Shang. She slaves over multiple jobs just to earn enough to pay the rent for their up-scale condominium in Taipei, while Bo Po Shang (also known as Shang) focuses on his career as a singer.

As Shang's popularity starts to soar, he starts to disregard Gong Xi and even flirts with his manager. It is only now that Gong Xi realizes that she was used by Shang to help him with his living expenses.

Feeling heart-broken and betrayed, Gong Xi is determined to get her revenge on Shang, vowing to enter the entertainment industry and become bigger star than Shang. She auditions to L.M.E, Taiwan's largest talent agency and rival to Shang's agency. Although Gong Xi passes the autiditon, she lacks compassion and love due to Shang's betrayal, so she ends up in the newly created "Love Me" section with new recruit Jiang Nanqin.

While at L.M.E, gong Xi encounters Dun He Lian (also known as Lian), a famous actor. He is... Read More>>

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