Saturday, January 08, 2011

Singtel Business-level Strategy

Based on competing in the Singapore market, Singapore Telecom should focus on how to maintain its exceptional record of profitability and retain (and regain) as much market share. As Singapore Telecom serves a broad customer (market) base (i.e. residential, small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises), integrated cost leadership/differentiation strategy should be used.

By implementing a cost leadership/differentiation strategy , Singapore Telecom would efficiently produce products/services with differentiated (unique-value) attributes, while being able to maintain cost at the same time. The company would be able to provide new streams of revenue to meet maturing customer demands, and allow its products and services to be perceived differently from those of competitors (M1 and StarHub), an opportunity to gain loyalty from customers. In addition, cost leadership/differentiation strategy would permit the company to sell its products and services either at average industry prices to earn a higher profit than competitors (rivals), or below the industry prices to gain market share. M1 and Starhub do not yet have the wide range of products and services that Singtel offers to the market... Read more>>

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