Saturday, January 08, 2011

Internal Analysis of Singapore Telecom

The core competencies of Singapore Telecom are its capability in advanced (and continuing improving) innovative information technology (IT) infrastructure and systems, and value-added services. Singapore Telecom’s telecommunications infrastructure was ranked 1st in a survey out of 10 Southeast Asian countries in 1997.

Having out-of-date (older) technology would place Singapore Telecom at a disadvantage with competitors (domestically and globally) that have more effective telecommunications technology: investment in IT and value-added services has given Singapore Telecom a sustainable competitive advantage. These core competences are valuable (i.e. Singapore Telecom is able to leverage on their expertise and IT based solutions and services), and difficult to imitate (i.e. domestically in Singapore, not many telecommunications companies are able to afford their own satellite).

Additionally, due to its advanced (and continually improving) innovative IT infrastructure and systems, and value-added services, Singapore Telecom is able to renew, augment, and adapt these core competencies to give it a sustainable competitive advantage (e.g. compelling marketing position and brand differentiation). Singapore Telecom had high teledensity, high-quality fixed-lined services, higher demand for specialized features, lower vulnerability to credit risks and falling tariffs...Read more>>

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