Saturday, September 11, 2010

Indian Culture in Singapore

There are many races that can be found in Singapore. Besides the Chinese and Malays, there are the Indian, who also make up the majority of Singaporeans. Indians are famous for their strong sense of family, remarkable (and delicious) curries and striking religious festivals.

Having arrived from India, the Indians of Singapore are a diverse group: coming from various places such as India, Pakistani, Sri Lanka, and even some parts of Africa. (Culture Shock! 193) The majority of Indians are Hindus, while the rest are Christians, Muslims and Buddhists.

Hindus celebrate Deepavali (also know as "Dewali" or festival of lights) as a sign of remembrance of the battle of light over darkness. During this time of celebration, most Hindus will decorate their houses with colored lights and also flower garlands. They wake up early in the morning and offer their prayers at the temples. Children pay ritual homage to their parents, and people pay visits to friends and family reaffirming their ties of solidarity. The festivities also include having 'open house' for friends and relatives alike... Read more>>

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