Saturday, September 11, 2010

How Different (Cultural) Environments Affect Orgaizations

Mentions how different types of cultural environments have an effect on organizations, and the way they do things.
Robbins, S et al. (2006) state that the degree of how much an organization is dependent upon its specific environments, as well as its awareness of what potential influences its general environment brings about, would affect the type of decisions that it makes.

Demographic change is an external (general) environment "that can potentially affect the organization's performance" (Robbins, S etal. 2006, p.83). As no two environments are similar, they are differentiated by their degree of environmental uncertainty. The greater the uncertainty, the more it is a threat to an organization's effectiveness. This is why managers try to minimize uncertainty. Thus, it can be said that demographics is a dynamic and somewhat complex environment.

There are different approaches and ways of doing things with each new generation: each generation thinks and does things fundamentally differently from others, with the differences emerging and developing as they go through every life stage. Hence, these different approaches determine and impact the direction in which an organization decides to take...Read more>>

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