Friday, May 23, 2008

Owner Found!!

After one day, we managed to find the little dog's owner. It was a miraculous incident really. What happened was while looking for potential homes for the doggie, we happened to come across a neighbour on another floor who was keen on taking in the dog, who had a nieghbour that recognized the dog.

Apparently, the dog belonged to a relative of one of the residents staying at our block; this relative who coincidentally lives in the block opposite us. So off we went to find the little dog's owner, contacted the owner and she came to collect him. His name is "ketchup" by the way. And the grooming cost $79, considering that Ketchup had ticks on him, we had to get him cleaned up just in case he spread it to our dog.

The owner said she'll get her son to pay the money.. and up to this day we still have not heard any news. I don't know, I just hope Ketchup is happy back home. As for the money, it just amazes me how much people know about keeping dogs; and the state they leave their dogs in. It's like they want to keep a dog but never really think about how to keep them clean or maintain them. It's a live, though it's a life in your hands and you can do what you want with it. It is still a live and that in itself is precious.. Don't you think?

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