Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost West Highland White Terrier

Today was a really interesting day, by any standard. While talking my dog out for a walk today, we came across a West Highland White Terrier, who followed us on our walk. I think it was either abandoned or ran away from home, it was a little dirty and even had ticks on it. And it was surprising how "nice" my dog was to it(him), considering that lately my dog has been a little grouchy around other dogs.

It looked so pitiful that it pulled the heartstrings, it even followed us home... I thought that maybe I could have found him his owner or a new home. However, my dad had different ideas - he said he'd bring the dog to the groomers and get him cleaned up, and he left him(d0g) there. The rationale being that since we do not know the temperament of the dog and since it had ticks, plus the fact that we already ha a dog at home it would be better off at the groomers.

Well, after a little bit of emotional blackmail, he brought the dog home. I wish I had taken a picture of the dog before... Because after the grooming he really looked like a totally different dog!

Doesn't he look all happy and simply adorable?

Hopefully, we'll find his owner, can't keep this little darling for too long... my dog is starting to show signs of "jealousy". And it is tiring having to take care of two dogs...

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  1. This is a lovely Westie and btw your blog is awesome.