Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Day out at the Entertainment Companies (Seoul)

Our flight (on Korean Airlines) to Incheon Airport arrived early in the morning, so we had plenty of time to stalk explore the entertainment companies after we left our luggage at Seoul Mansion Guesthouse. Being Kpop fans how could we miss this opportunity to add this into our itinerary?! Of course, it was all in the hope of bumping into a Korean idol or two and get an autograph and/or photo with them. Thanks to iceprinxess (who directed us to a blog with pretty clear instructions on how to get there), MX and I took a the subway down to the Apgujeongrodeo Station Exit 3

Note: Please do not mistake that as Apgujeong Station as I did the last time I was in Seoul.
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It was an adventure as we meandered along the path and explored the area. MX led me to Chrome Hearts, a boutique (which high security) which sells many stylish accessories that celebrities usually wear. The sales assistants were all dressed in black (giving them that smart polished look) and attended to us politely (even if we ended up not buying anything). From Chrome Hearts, we... Read more >>

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