Thursday, January 12, 2012

Applying for EZ-Reload with POSB Everyday (Credit) Card

I have decided to apply for the EZ-Reload which allows my ez-link card to automatically revalue itself when its stored value falls to zero or below when it is used on buses, the MRT or LRT, at an administrative fee of S$0.25. With the POSB Everyday (Credit) Card there is a 2% rebate, which would work out to be about $0.75 per pre-set top-up value of S$50. The pre-set top-up value has a range of S$20 with S$10 increment until S$50. No matter the pre-set top-up value that is selected there will be an administrative fee of $0.25. So with the POSB Everyday (Credit) Card, I would actually be “earning” about $0.75 in cash rebate for each top-up. Seems like a good deal, it saves me time from queuing and is convenient. Though I don’t travel much, this can help me keep track of how much I use and I can carry one less card around with as the POSB Everyday (Credit) Card works as an ez-link card, no need to carry an extra ez-link card.

According to the EZ-Link website, there are various credit cards that can offer up to 7%... Read more>>

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