Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Designer Fashion Rental Industry Marketing Intelligence

Explains what kind of marketing information should these companies seek while doing marketing intelligence.
BAG BORROW OR STEAL, SAC DE LUXE and FASHION HIRE are companies that aim to provide value to consumers who have plenty of options to choose from by engaging in customer orientated services (value-pricing). Hence, these companies should gather marketing information pertaining to environmental scanning: such as social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory forces, from primary and secondary sources of information – to identify and interpret potential trends; differentiating fads from trends. Unlike fads, trends are more predictable; providing more long-lasting opportunities For example, increased interest of consumers for luxury goods, and growing number of investors finding companies such as BAG BORROW OR STEAL attractive in the fast paced fashion industry, contribute to the industry’s growth; making the designer fashion rental industry a lucrative market. (Evers 2006)... Read more>>

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