Monday, March 15, 2010

Man lives for two years on leaves and grass

A Chinese man claims to have survived for two years eating nothing but leaves and grass.

Li Sanju, 50, of Niuwei village, Guangdong province, says he is perfectly happy with his unusual diet.

He says he looks no different to other people in his village - but admits he does smell strongly of grass.

"I watched a TV programme which said a man can live more than 10 days without food but just water, so I thought I would try living on the natural things near my home," he said.

At first, he tried eating grass in a field like cattle - but it tasted bitter and made him ill, reports China News Network.

"I suspect that the field grass has been polluted by pesticides, so I changed to the plants in the mountain behind my house, and I never had any problem," he added.

Initially, he would eat a small portion of rice with his grass and leaves but soon gave up even that.

"I couldn't eat meat now," he said. "Anything greasy would make me sick. Someone bet me 10,000 yuan (£1,000) to eat a piece of pork, but I couldn't do it.

"I used to be known as a sick man in the village, always in hospital, but since I changed my diet, I've never been to see the doctors. Even the tumor on my right foot has disappeared."

The Local Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said most of the plants were edible and not toxic - but did not recommend Li's diet.


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