Thursday, November 19, 2009

Penguin 'prepares to take photo'

Photographer David Schultz found the penguin looking through the viewfinder of his camera in Antarctica as two others appeared to pose for a photograph.

He snapped away from his camera on a tripod but backed away and continued taking photos with a second camera as the penguins moved towards him.

"I remember one of the birds stayed behind the camera as the others moved to the front," said Mr Schultz, 53.

"With their heads stretched out, constantly bobbing, it seriously seemed as if they were posing. And then the one behind the camera changed position so it appeared as if it was looking right through the view finder"

The fascinated penguins approached Mr Schultz each day as he hiked from a helicopter base camp to the main Emperor rookery.

"It quickly became obvious the penguins were as interested in us as we were in them," he said.

He was surprised however that the penguins allowed him to take the playful shot.

"Capturing that precise moment when everything comes together for what I would consider a ‘great photo’ then having the privilege to share it with so many others is a wonderful feeling and opportunity."


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